Returns Policies Hope all people love all of our Returns Policies

Livestock/s Protection

Livestock/s that are bought by buyer will be kept and manage by GOMU at our farm.

Buyer are welcome to visit GOMU farm. The expenses on the trip to visit GOMU farm are incurred totally by Buyer.

Buyer can take their livestock/s from GOMU farm within a months of purchasing.

If Buyer want to take their livestock/s from GOMU farm that they purchase few months before, they need to pay for 10% profit margin that they make. The calculation as below.

GOMU will replace your livestocks if found to have below scenario:

1. Livestock/s died
2. Permanent disability of livestock/s
3. Livestock/s not accepted for Qorban due to illness
4. Livestocks were under age of eligibility for Qorban
5. Livestocks were stolen

Seller Protection

Before Seller advertise their livestock/s or sell it to GOMU, Seller need to provide bank name and bank account number to GOMU. Seller need to make sure their bank name and bank account number are written correctly, GOMU will not be liable to pay back to Seller if Seller provided wrong detail on their bank information.

When Seller want to sell their livestock/s, Seller agreed to give permission to GOMU to share Seller Id, bank name and bank account number to potential buyer.

Seller able to sell back their livestock/s to GOMU. GOMU will only buy back livestock/s from Seller according to generated formula made by GOMU as shown below.

" Sellback Price = GOMU Current month price – [(GOMU Current month price - Initial month price)x 10%] "

Seller is allow to advertise their livestock/s on GOMU apps under “On Sale” section for FREE for only 10 days at a time. Seller need to re-advertise their livestock/s if Seller want to advertise it for more than 10 days.

Seller only allow to advertise their livestock/s for maximum price equal to Zulhijjah months (RM3800 for year 2017)

Seller can only reject payment made by buyer if Seller doesn’t received payment within six (6) days. Seller will be held responsible for any intentional fraudulent causes by Seller towards Buyer.

Buyer Protection

Buyer have an option to buy livestock/s from GOMU or from Seller on GOMU apps under “On Sale” section. Any livestock/s that are marked with G symbol is listed by GOMU.

Buyer allow to book more than one livestock/s and added it to cart for up to thirty (30) minutes. If buyer unable to proceed to checkout within thirty (30) minutes, livestock/s that were added in the cart will be auto-located back to “On Sale” section.

To proceed to checkout, buyer need to pay processing fees. After buyer paid the processing fees, buyer will be given Seller bank name and bank acc number.

Buyer need to make payment directly to Seller outside from GOMU apps by either bank in the required livestock/s price online or bank in on ATM machine to Seller bank account.

Buyer are required to email receipt of payment including livestock/s ID to GOMU once payment have been made within three (3) days of purchase made.

If Buyer were unable to provide receipt to GOMU within three (3) days, required livestock/s will be added back to “On Sale” section and no processing fees will be return.

After Seller confirm payment have been made by Buyer, purchased livestock/s will be added into Buyer GOMU account.

Buyer can now monitor and received information on their new livestock/s under “My Shed” section.

Buyer can sell back their livestock/s at any time according to price as listed in “Price Tables”

Buyer will be held responsible for any intentional fraudulent causes by Buyer towards Seller.

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