What is GOMU?

GOMU is a crowdfarming app, where everyone can invest in livestocks and GOMU will manage them until liquidation date. GOMU gives the users flexibility in time and space in monitoring their livestocks growth using their mobile without the need to be at farm.

How do you make money?

Three simple steps, BUY, RAISE, SELL.

How It Works? As easy as 123




Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy Livestock?

  • 1 . Create your account and sign in with gomu and go to our “on sale” section to start buying from GOMU store.

    * The Price are set according to the months towards Zulhijjah (towards Eid Adha).

  • 2 . Any livestock that are mark with “G” are sell by GOMU, non-mark are sell by other user. GOMU will only sell their livestock according to pricing table. Please contact GOMU to know more about our pricing table.

    * Seller can be from GOMU or from other customer.

  • 3 . Click wanted livestock to see detail and proceed to checkout.
  • 4 . On payment checkout, In order to buy livestock/s, buyer need to pay processing fees to book the livestock.
  • 5 . After buyer paid the processing fees, bank name and acc of the seller will be shown, and buyer need to pay directly to the seller and send the receipt to GOMU within three (3) days. If buyer fail to make payment to seller and provide receipt to GOMU within three (3) days, no refund on the processing fees.
  • 6 . Once Se ller confirm that the payment have been made, GOMU will change ownership of the livestock from seller to buyer.
  • 7 . Buyer can lodge complaints to GOMU for any fraud from Seller or any difficulties during transaction process.
  • 8 . Congratulation, now you have already own livestock/s, and you are just a month away to be profitable.

How To Sell Livestock?

  • 1 . .To sell livestock from your GOMU account, you are given two option, either to sell it to GOMU or to other user

    * Buyer can be from GOMU or from other customer.

  • 2 . Before you can proceed to sell your livestock, you need to insert your bank name and your acc number into your profile.

    * Please make sure your bank name and bank acc number is correct, GOMU will not be responsible if bank acc number is wrongly assigned by customer.

  • 3 . If you choose to sell to other customer, you can advertise it to “On Sale” for 10 days for free with Max price to sell of RM 3800 (According to price on the month of Zulhijjah).
  • 4 . When you sell to other customer in “On Sale”. Buyer will need to pay processing fees to GOMU to be approve access on your bank name and acc number. Once buyer made payment to you and sent receipt to GOMU, you need to confirm/reject the payment by click confirm or reject in “My shed > Selling” section within six (6) days. If Seller doesn’t respond within 6 days, the livestock/s will be automatically transferred to the buyer.
  • 5 . Seller can reject the payment if Seller does not received any payment from buyer within six (6) days. Make sure your bank name and acc number is correct before proceed to sell your livestock/s.
  • 6 . Seller can lodge complaints to GOMU for any fraud from buyer or any difficulties during transaction process.
  • 7 . Congratulation, now you have made profit from selling your livestock/s.

Monitor & Managing Livestock

  • 1 . Once you install our mobile apps and buy at least one livestock, your “My shed” section on mobile apps will be activated. Please go to “My shed” to start monitor and manage your livestock/s.

    * We will replace your livestock/s.

  • 2 . In “My shed”, under “Buy” subsection:

    Bought (Pembelian)
    • When you paid processing fees to GOMU, your wanted livestock/s will be display here. You are required to make payment within three (days) prior to processing fees made. If you fail to make payment to seller and provide receipt to GOMU within three (3) days, no refund on the processing fees and the livestock/s will be deleted from your list.

    My Shed (Kandangku)
    • These section lists all your livestock/s that you own now. You can open each livestock to see details on the livestock.
    • Each month, GOMU will take measurements of weight, height and width of your livestock and share it with you.
    • Note: You are welcome to come to our farm to see your livestock/s on your own.
    • Video link will be shared monthly that record activities in our farms.
    • Note: If something unwilling scenario happen to your livestock/s, we will replace your livestock/s according to our “return policy”.
    • If you want to sell your livestock/s, you can click sell on any of your livestock/s to start selling it.
  • 3 . In “My shed”, under “Sell” subsection:

    Selling (Untuk Dijual)
    • These section lists all your livestock that you advert on “On sale”.
    • It is free to advert your livestock on “On Sale” and your advert will be on “on Sale” for ten (10) days.
    • The maximum price allowed to be advertise on “On Sale” is according to the price of Zulhijjah months (current price: RM 3800).

    Sold (Terjual)
    • After buyer paid processing fees. The wanted livestock/c will be listed here, waiting payment to be made by buyer.
    • Seller need to click confirm once received payment from buyer. Seller can click reject if no payment received within six (6) days listed.
    • Buyer able to make complaints towards seller who reject the payment even after buyer paid the payment. GOMU will rate Seller as untrusted if seller found to act in fraud.

    Trade Records (Rekod Urusniaga)
    • History of transaction / past sales.
    • You can only view basic information of your livestocks that you had sold.

Can I Visit My Livestock/s?

Buyer can come to our farm to see their livestock/s in real life. All expenses coming to the farm is incurred totally by the buyer

Can I Bring Back Livestock From The Farm?

Buyer can bring back their livestock within a month of purchasing, if buyer wanted to bring back their livestock/s few months after purchase, buyer will need to contact GOMU.

Can I Replace My Livestock/s?

  • 1 . Buyer can only replace their livestock/s only under below circumstances as stated in our return policy.
  • 2 . GOMU will monitor and manage your livestocks closely in our farms and will alert you once below issues occurs.
    1. Livestock/s dead
    2. Permanent disability of livestock/s
    3. Livestock/s not accepted for Qorban due to illness
    4. Livestocks were under age of eligibility for Qorban
    5. Livestocks were stolen

    * Note: GOMU is not liable for the unforeseeable forces of nature (Act of God) happen to your livestock/s such as natural disaster.

What Is My Right As GOMU Customer?

  • 1 . GOMU customers’ personal information and data is protected under Personal Data Protection Act 2010. (“PDPA”) of Malaysia. Please go to “Privacy Policy” for more information regarding on this. This Privacy Policy Statement sets out how GOMU collects and uses your personal data.
  • 2 . All customers transaction is protected securely using our payment gateway system through MolPay services.
  • 3 . MOLPay services always comply with the highest global data security standard – Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Service Provider Level 1, and also, the Malaysian Payment System Act 2003.
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